Zaini Media Dives into Virtual Reality in Dubai

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As a content provider for animation and story based adverts for the past 5 years in Dubai,
Zaini Media set a new goal to it’s arsenal of achievements, and that is to transform it’s
animation and storytelling skill set into the virtual reality and immersive technology.

With the advent of high level hardware such as the htc vive and the oculus rift, a
new age of developers and game based first person story tellers has emerged
With virtual reality and augmented reality being a scarce medium in dubai and the gcc region
for the lack of the techinical know how that surrounded it’s early onset development,
The company has invested in up and coming artists and developers that have seen the
opportunity as medium that will take over the virtual storytelling scene by storm.

Virtual reality in Dubai is no longer a boring, copycat medium, Our vr team has come to shore.

Animation video

Top Ten Video Animation Tips from Zaini Media

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Mastering any type of animation requires hard work and continuous learning, being described as one of the hardest skills to learn. It can take year and years of practicing the techniques to become an expert.

As a experienced animation agency we have put together our top ten tips for you which we have seen happen many times and some simple changes could really change one’s animation quality. We wanted to share these with you and hope you find them valuable.

1. Start working in different spaces

Within our team we have seen output and delivery timings become significantly faster when we work remotely. There are no interruptions and of course you can increase your generation of ideas with extra inspiration from being in a completely different surrounding. In the office – having a comfortable setting and being somewhere you can let your imagination wander would be perfect! Good to have your colleagues at a close call so you can brainstorm your ideas too.

2. Listen and understand the brief, amends and feedback

Yes we did said you need to use your imagination and create unique new ideas. However if these do not follow feedback or even the original brief then your hard work is pointless. You can be the best animator in the world but if it is not in line with requirements then there will be an issue.

3. Take constructive criticism

Positive or negative feedback is there to help you create the best possible animation. When you have had your head in an animation all day, really living and feeling it – you can easily miss a main point. Also two or more brains work better than one. Some of our top animations have stemmed from a team brainstorm or a chat over a coffee or lunch. So do not be dishearten if you receive negative feedback as we should all be grateful for any type of feedback.

4. Over animating does not improve your animation

Animation really does not mean moving a character or object around as much as possible in each frame; it means making something look real and essentially bringing it to life. We have seen many times before young and eager animators move their assets around a lot. Instead you should step back and breath, thinking what does this type of character need to do to get their point across? Rather than just moving the object from A – Z. Try to become the character and get into their head. Even act it out yourself and get a second opinion. This way we guarantee you will not need as much movement.

5. Do you have a doubt? Throw it out!

We all want our animation to be perfect and to be like how we imagined it in our minds. If this is not working out and additional parts are being incorporated then we advise you start again. Andrew Gordon and Robb Denovan are the two directing animators at Pixar Animation Studios in USA. Both animators have quoted many times that one of the most seen errors amongst animators is over complex scenes. So what they do and recommend is that if a scene is becoming too confusing or complicated, then save your work, and start again from scratch. We could not agree more! Less is more or as some say – keep it simple.

6. Ask for feedback when ever you can

Yes we know that negative feedback can hurt sometimes after you have spent hours or even days on the animation video. However if you look at this in the way that if you have a dramatic and very funny ending but this is not portrayed in the characters faces – then changing it will completely improve the whole piece. Feedback to make your team laugh can be a good goal and feedback that will change your piece.

7. Quiet moments really are important

After many years of working with different levelled animators we have seen that silence and quiet moments are missing, when actually the most important. Think of a silent moment as your chance to share the impressions of the character and get their feelings during that scene across. This also gives the audience a chance to connect with the character. So all in all this is a win win tactic.

8. Know your ending before you figure out the middle

Endings can be the hardest part of any story. So tackling it at the beginning or latest the middle will really help you out. Once you are clear on what it is there the rest will fall into place we promise!

9. Try not to add to much information in into a shot

Trying to wedge as much information in one shot is another trait we see on a regular basis. This can really effect the characters and the whole storyline as the essence will be missed by trying to share too much at once. Again we will safe simple is the most effective.

10. Do you like animation or do you like to animate?

We worked with R&R agency to create the Dubai Font animation video. Rosana Urbes, owner at R&R Animation tells that before you jump into animation you need to understand if you want to become an animator. Admiring someones animation video is very different to carrying it out. It takes countless hours and days repeating the same scenes and sketches to get the perfect scenes. Motivation and pro activity is a must as well as a lot of hard work.

Zaini Media launches the official Dubai Font Animation Video

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Zaini Media had the honour to work with Y & R agency to produce the official animated video to showcase the first city being Dubai to launch its very own font.

As an award winning video and animation agency, we worked with Dubai’s crown prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to support the launch of their very own Microsoft font through a spectacular animation video.

We have now been established in the region for 11 years and were chosen to strategise and deliver the work, being part of the One Book Project. The collaboration also involved working closely with the talented composer Don Fuego, the former VP of legendary Los-Angeles based label Def Jam.

We have seen out of this world results so far, having received over 50 million impressions worldwide in a matter of weeks and this is expected to keep increasing. Being part of a worldwide talking point is a great feeling after all the effort and hard work the team put into this successful collaboration. We have seen the video posted by Dubai’s Prince Hamdan where he explained that the font was for self-expression meaning strength and freedom. The official hashtag trend he started was #ExpressYou which has gone viral since the post was published on Social Media channels. The font will now been adopted and used in all official correspondence in government institutions worldwide.

Hashem Zaini, founder and CEO of Zaini Media, spoke to the press about this piece of work “This is the actual reward and the absolute best reward of being in this business and the financial aspect is just a way to spread good vibes and creativity around the globe. The animation demonstrates our ongoing commitment to every client we service. Our team work and creative execution was very well thought out and now has been showcased worldwide which we are very proud of. International recognition and adding to our awards is the next natural step”.

View the animation 

Download the Font

Hilarious TV commercial gives us a fun and slow-mo peak at the perks of good hotel service for

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Whats not to love with epic exaggerated commercials? Ad agency Wieden+Kennedy brings us this funny new Tv spot for to highlight the little things we enjoy in our hotel vacations.

Mixed up with dramatic slow-mo acting, a long haired dude and his electrifying  blowdryer, round things and amazing footwear, this commercial is fun to watch from start to finish backed up by awesome nonsensical narration  by John Dimaggio, Bender’s voice from the animated series, Futurama.



More than crazy humor, this ad shows what stunning visuals and great performance, not to mention a pretty enjoyable script can do to make a company stand out. People like to watch fun videos and this ad is definitely content-sharing worthy. Its bold and its surprising and the kind of commercial we don’t just skip in Youtube.

Watch the Commercial here



Tutorial Preview: Model your own CG bullets

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We all love those gritty action films with Bruce Willis punchlines, Rambo rampage and guns with  unlimited bullets.

In case you want to make your own action film, bullets will always be on top of the list, and lots of them.

We know that bullets are kinda expensive and we don’t advise that you use real ones. So to help you out with that bit, CGtuts+ gets into detail with modeling and compositing your own digital bullets right at your own computer.

Bullets and Peww peww

Bullets and Peww peww


To get you geared up you’ll need more than just Illustrator on this one so make sure you have a powerful computer and a lot of free time.

Let’s start by going here: Bullet Compositing Tutorial

Daryl Feril and his Lovely design illustrations

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Design Illustrations by Daryl Feril

Design Illustrations by Daryl Feril


Stylish, intricate and highly sophisticated, the Philippine based illustrator and Graphic Designer, Daryl Feril has once again made another remarkable piece of work in his latest addition on his portfolio.

The Artwork was created as an entry to the Makati Bloom Arts Festival, a collective of Filipino based design and illustration right at the heart of the Philippine capital.

Illustrations by Daryl Feril

Illustrations by Daryl Feril


See the whole Project in his Behance

Or visit his website:

Awesome branding for Coffee House London by Reynolds and Reyner

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Creativity mixed with great flair for branding, the popular  Ukrainian design agency Reynolds and Reyner has swept to new levels in design as they showcased their project with Coffee House London.

Coffee House London branding

Coffee House London branding

YouTheDesigner and writer Kerby Rosanes details the intricate and creative craftsmanship involved in their branding process

Reynolds and Reyner brainstorms their concept from sketch to final design and we recommend this to aspiring designers  and get a glimpse of how we do branding.

Designed by Reynolds and Reyner

Designed by Reynolds and Reyner

See more of it on their website:

The Hobbit takes us deeper into Middle Earth with its amazing website

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With the recent release  of the Hobbit sequel :The Desolation of Smaug, the makers of the the franchise has launched its very own interactive website that lets visitors  have their own little adventure.

Interactive website of the hobbit

Interactive website of the hobbit

The website opens up to different locations and characters in the film, providing a great insight into who and what lies within it as well as provide an interactive path to middle earth.

The website  experience is  completely available  for interactive viewing in tablets such as Ipad Air and Nexus.


Elrond Half- Elven

The website opens up in a parallax animation with a few accessible areas as Rivendell, Dol Guldur and Thrall shaws ending with a short mini game. There are still locked areas yet to be opened like Thranduils hall and Erebor and we are more than excited to try each one out.

View the website Here



Scarecrow protects his crop field in this excellent funny animation by Ricky Renna

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Short Animation

Short Animation

Against all odds the lovable scarecrow tries his best to scare away the sly Corvid but is it up for the task?

From Ringling College of Art and Design graduate Ricky Renna. The short animation- “THE FINAL STRAW”  was handpicked by Creativebloq as one of the best student animations of the year,.

Witty and perfectly fluid, this short feature just brings into mind  the kind of talent and detail that young artist have know and we are definitely sure that this animated short would be fun to watch.

See the whole feature in the link below:

Animated short from Le Blog de Cheeky by Ricky Renna

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