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We make it our way to create TV ads, Corporate and Viral videos that put your story up front with cinematic visuals and catchy story lines that uses modern filmmaking techniques while also handling the production details from concept, script writing to location scouting and casting. 


We take it a step further than other video production companies in Dubai as we bring your videos to life using today’s technology in post-production, editing and audio design.  


3D animated videos have never been more exciting with our team of animators and 3D designers ready to make and build characters that give your animation video production in Dubai the extra edge.


Visual effects that leave you wanting for more. We believe that great videos come from hours and hours of heavy compositing and the finishing touches give it the perfect look that it needs.

Motion Graphics

Design and Animation blended together to bring you new ways to present your ideas to the world. Motion Graphics was built to impress and whether it’s for events, corporate videos or Viral Presentations, it will always leave your audience simply stunned.

Script Writing

Good stories come from great writing. We give more thought in developing a sound script that reaches out to your audience and speaks to them in words that they can relate to. Whether you are looking to make a testimonial video production or a full motion picture, we can help get the script right.

Ideas Made Real

As one of the top media production companies in Dubai we have a strong grasp of Video and Post-production techniques that will give your corporate video production a more defining feel. Our approach integrates visual effects and digital media in creating various ways to tell your story using a full host of mediums in Digital Compositing, 3D animation videos and Post-Production. Zaini Media is an all-inclusive video production company in Dubai available for all your visual needs. We make it a point to treat each client exclusively by valuing each tiny detail diligently. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated.
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Cinematic features for your Video

It’s a powerful mix of 3D, Animation and filmmaking styles that give today’s videos its vibrant hue. We take the challenge a step higher as we continue to find new techniques that will make our videos more and more visually captivating.

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