Zaini Media Dives into Virtual Reality in Dubai

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As a content provider for animation and story based adverts for the past 5 years in Dubai,
Zaini Media set a new goal to it’s arsenal of achievements, and that is to transform it’s
animation and storytelling skill set into the virtual reality and immersive technology.

With the advent of high level hardware such as the htc vive and the oculus rift, a
new age of developers and game based first person story tellers has emerged
With virtual reality and augmented reality being a scarce medium in dubai and the gcc region
for the lack of the techinical know how that surrounded it’s early onset development,
The company has invested in up and coming artists and developers that have seen the
opportunity as medium that will take over the virtual storytelling scene by storm.

Virtual reality in Dubai is no longer a boring, copycat medium, Our vr team has come to shore.

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