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Practical strategies for promoting your video online.

So you’ve produced that jaw dropping ad, whats happens next?

like any project, without strategy, and without a targeted plan on how to reach you
audience, your project is bound for to the recesses of the world wide webs graveyard
of unwatched videos.

Tackling your strategy is a straight forward exercise, and it begins by knowing your audience
first. This is not a mere description of the perfect persona that you are targeting in your campaign,
It goes deeper than that, almost to a subliminal level. Color schemes, denotations, tone and mood all contribute to this on a very profound level.

Strategy should not only be bound by ad spend and advertising channels, it should speak the
to your audience on a very personal wavelength. Video production techniques are evolving to
help content creators make fast paced quick cooks of content, this is not enough for strategy
to be implemented, looks to be developed, themes to be explored and tones to be set.

We are veering off the natural modes of communication and opting to quick fix solutions that
focus on quantity of views rather than quality of targeting. Your strategy should start by making
the image and the story resonate on deep microbial levels with the content digesters. Knowing your
audience is tantamount to your campaigns success, and your brand’s long term strategy.

What happened to focus group testing? Market research? and studies in to sociological changes in
audience preferences based on demographic factors?

The solution

We can’t avoid the obvious change in the way markets are reacting to the current digital storm that
is sweeping traditional media pipelines. So we must accept change, But we must also find a hybrid
mechanism that helps keep strategy at the top of the content creation pyramid. We need to reverse
engineer the way we produce content, and use technology to our advantage without it hindering the
thought process of a traditional creative approach.

Let’s use online platforms to gather data and credible research, but not neglecting the face to face interactions that we can obtain from a focus group setting, or face to face interviews with passers by. We can use both data supplement the quest for building the perfect content strategy.

A hybrid approach will work whether you a producing an animated video or corporate documentary
about your establishment, we can use data from multiple sources to build a formidable content strategy for your campaigns success.

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