About the Game


Roll down through a Virtual Paradise while avoiding obstacles and getting your best groove on.

The game is an endless runner styled with an 80s retro vibe. It is built on the Unity Engine and was developed for 3 weeks. From pre-production where Ideas were formulated to production and publishing was done in less than a month. The game is catered for everyone and is now released in the Google Play Store at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ZainiMedia.RetroRunner and will soon be released on other platforms.

The user is put into a retro city where the player has to dodge, collect and go through different obstacles and power ups. The game’s goal is to immerse the player into a retro vibe while trying to emulate a more adventurous and fun feel of what modern games have now.



The user’s goal is to get the highest score by trying to avoid laser beams and Frisbee bullets that will blend into the retro environment. The user has to collect coins and go through holes while trying to collect power ups to help him/her along the way.

Download it now at:

Retro Runner at Google Play Store

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