About the Augmented Reality Experience


Golden Scent is an Online store for Perfumes and other cosmetic products. We had created a small Augmented Reality Demo that showcases one of their products, which can be included in one of their special Golden Scent Box.

The Project revolved around the use of Augmented Reality Technology to detect a box in real life. The user has the ability to use a phones camera to detect a box from Golden Scent. That box will then project 2D and 3D objects on the screen of the Phone. With that, he/she can interact with 3D objects scattered around the box and even inside the box.

The user has the application on his/her android phone where they can access the Augmented Reality technology from.


The technology uses recognition software to detect faces of an object in real life and map it to a database that is stored on the internet or locally. Once detected, the software loads up events that will happen once an object is seen. The 3D Objects are intractable and can be affected by the user.

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