About the VR Experience


Aster pharmacy is a recognized a responsible healthcare provider and the Regions leading  pharmacy retailer. We’ve had the opportunity to work with them on a VR Demo which showcased some of their future technologies in a fun, interactive manner.

Aster: Future of Technology

The project is split into 2 sections, the 2025 & the 2035 experience.

In the 2025 experience we’ve developed a VR demo that showcased different sets of technological attire such as T-shirts with heart rate detection, watches that warn the owner in case of any health issues and interactivity which allows the player to experience them in real-time.

For the 2030 experience we’ve taken a more gameplay based approach than the first section and developed a roller coaster based experience where you swim through a a blood vessel as where you control a nanobot attempting to eliminate all cancer cells in the area, The player will look around In 360 degrees and shoot any incoming cancer cells using the given thermal laser gun.


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