Video Production is a premier tool of communication in this modern age with the power to captivate an audience with a single shot. With a passion for providing a platform for artists to create unique concepts, Hashem Zaini founded his company at the age of 24. “In 2012, I saw a gap in the market, there were individuals who specialised in one discipline of video production. I thought why not have a production house that would excel in six to seven disciplines at the same time. The challenge was finding talented people who were multi-taskers. It took a while to build our team but it was worth it,” explains the Founder. However, their hard earned success did not come without struggle. “It took us time to make a footprint in this industry when we started in 2012. I went through a lot of rejections and people undermining me due to my age. Fast forward four years, now our company works with over 40 firms, ranging from Government Agencies to Fortune 500 companies, we cater to the entire spectrum,” he says. “We come across as unorthodox, however, clients and commentators look at us and see a talented team of young professional artists who have come together to create unique work,” he adds. Zaini Media’s strong portfolio speaks volumes and caters to many sectors of Consulting and Finance, Government, Food and Beverage and Hospitality, to name a few; With notable regional and international clients such as Ducab, Dubai Tourism, Bioderma, Samsung and Delmonte, among many more. “Within the first couple of years of operating, we got an offer to join one of the biggest agencies here as an affiliate company. I declined at that stage as I felt we could grow into something more without the need of becoming a large corporation. I love the start-up culture and feel the size of your company does not equate to its success,” says the Founder. As a UK media production and animation graduate, Zaini found the world of business challenging yet his determination to turn his dreams into reality was strong. “I had to learn the nuts and bolts of running a business, without a mentor or someone to guide you it is a struggle,” he comments.”My family was my support system and my father, who is a jeweller taught me that placing value in small things such as ideas and relationships is important. A minuscule precious stone that weighs half a pound can cost as much as an entire building. He paid attention to details and found flaws, which taught me how to think and how to break down ideas. He always said that if you want to do something, do it well,” says Zaini. Hashem Zaini wanted to create a work environment that would be different from the corporate spaces he had personally been in. “I used to be a producer and found a common denominator in corporates where creativity was deterred instead of being empowered,” says the CEO. “Our work culture is based on empowerment and what I love about Dubai is the business culture here. In terms of our clients, we work with them directly and there is a personal relationship established which adds a layer of sincerity and onesty,” he explains. Zaini Media’s unique selling point is that they are not the average video production house. “We are a creative agency, not just a production house. We do creative consultancy, script writing and also promote videos and make them viral. We allocate budgets and promote videos on YouTube, we can maximise viewership and virality of a video,” he says. For Hashem Zaini and his team, the future is bright. “We are looking to expand into other mediums in the future, Such as interactive, VR, 3D printing and 3D animation tool development in open platforms such as NUKE and Python, we have to evolve, we must evolve,” he concludes.