Why Video Marketing Is Important

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Importance of Video Marketing

It can be a challenging trying to convince the marketing department to incorporate video as some people see it as a big commitment. The managers could be of the opinion that video production is expensive and difficult to track. That is why they will turn away the idea of looking for corporate video production in Dubai as they might not know what they are dealing with in the first place. Video marketing is not as complicated as most people think.

More than 87% of companies are now using video in their marketing campaigns. Video has a powerful effect on consumers as more than 79% of people claiming that a video from a brand helped in convincing them to buy the product or service.

Video is not only the present but also the future of marketing. That is why it crucial for companies to incorporate it into their marketing campaigns for long-term sustainability. Here are some of the reasons why you should include videos in your marketing strategy.

Very effective on social platforms

If you have been using social media for a while, you know how important video content is. According to research, 48% of people said that they are more willing to share video content with their friends compared to other forms of content. The best way you can make an impact is to post your videos.

Video is growing every day and the opportunities on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are enormous. Video content has the highest engagement compared to other forms of multimedia. You can go ahead and post live videos as it is likely to get six times more the interaction compared to normal videos.

Good for Mobile Viewers

There was a recent study done by Delloite which found out that Americans check their mobile phones 8 billion times a day. More than 75% of the video views come from mobile. This means that you have to create custom content with mobile viewers as the priority. There has been an increasing demand for fast content and mobile is the platform of choice.

More Attention

Video content is likely to capture more attention compared to pictures or text. We live in a fast-paced world where so many things are demanding the consumer’s attention. You have a small window of opportunity to impress and using video can be very effective. Video is more effective in capturing the eyeballs compared to static ads. Studies have shown that a user is likely to spend 88% more time on a website with an engaging video.

Emotional Connection

Emotional branding is more authentic and appealing and the best way to convey it is through video. More than 94% of consumers are likely to recommend a brand that engages them emotionally. The emotions have a big impact as they create a positive ROI. You can expect a new experience with video every time. That is why companies need to create new content frequently. For more information on video marketing, you can check out https://www.zainimedia.com/



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