Hilarious TV commercial gives us a fun and slow-mo peak at the perks of good hotel service for Booking.com

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Whats not to love with epic exaggerated commercials? Ad agency Wieden+Kennedy brings us this funny new Tv spot for Booking.com to highlight the little things we enjoy in our hotel vacations.

Mixed up with dramatic slow-mo acting, a long haired dude and his electrifying  blowdryer, round things and amazing footwear, this commercial is fun to watch from start to finish backed up by awesome nonsensical narration  by John Dimaggio, Bender’s voice from the animated series, Futurama.



More than crazy humor, this ad shows what stunning visuals and great performance, not to mention a pretty enjoyable script can do to make a company stand out. People like to watch fun videos and this ad is definitely content-sharing worthy. Its bold and its surprising and the kind of commercial we don’t just skip in Youtube.

Watch the Commercial here

Source: Adweek.com


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