Hikvision is a security technology company that handles the camera and surveillance security. We have the opportunity to work with them on a Demo Project that showcases one of their newly released cameras, at Intersec Exhibition 2017 in Dubai World Trade Centre.



The Project revolved around the user controlling the camera and being able to see what the camera sees. As the user progress, he/she is tasked to find certain people using the facial recognition technology used in the camera. With that, he/she has been given a situation where he has to find a specific person before committing a violent crime, or a child that had become lost.



The player is able to traverse the whole environment by switching to different cameras throughout the scene. The player is also guided by the camera by showing how many faces are there in the scene that it detects and assign a value to it. He/She can select a person and information about the person will pop-up in screen and will show if the person selected has a file on the database, or how much he/she resembles a person on the database.



The Demo Consists of 2 Scenarios that showcase the technology. The first tasks the player to find a thief who is trying to plan out his next robbery. The player is put in a jewelry store, which has a group of people just going about their days and it is the player’s job to find the thief in the group.

The other scenario takes place in a mall where the player is tasked to find a missing person. As the afternoon rush begins, the player is tasked to find a missing child, which was just filed moments ago.