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The Hobbit takes us deeper into Middle Earth with its amazing website

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With the recent release  of the Hobbit sequel :The Desolation of Smaug, the makers of the the franchise has launched its very own interactive website that lets visitors  have their own little adventure.

Interactive website of the hobbit

Interactive website of the hobbit

The website opens up to different locations and characters in the film, providing a great insight into who and what lies within it as well as provide an interactive path to middle earth.

The website  experience is  completely available  for interactive viewing in tablets such as Ipad Air and Nexus.


Elrond Half- Elven

The website opens up in a parallax animation with a few accessible areas as Rivendell, Dol Guldur and Thrall shaws ending with a short mini game. There are still locked areas yet to be opened like Thranduils hall and Erebor and we are more than excited to try each one out.

View the website Here



Great Music video/Web design mixup for Pharrell Williams new music video

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Universal Home Video, Iconoclast and We Are From LA directorial team has come up with an inventive way to make artist, Pharrell Williams music video- HAPPY, look more than a  music video.

With the inclusion of cuddly Despicable Me minions on screen, this ensemble showcases a smart and interactive web interface that lets viewer comments appear while the video rolls and viewers can play through different scenes without altering the timeline of the song.

Happy is one of the original soundtracks from the film Despicable Me

source: YouTheDesigner

Happy Music video

Happy Music video

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