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How to build a successful video production agency in 2018 and beyond

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Some of the most asked questions we get at Zaini Media on a daily basis are “what tips can you give for starting your own video production company in Dubai?” and “What are the first steps to take to set-up a successful video production agency?”.
This is definitely one for Zaini Media’s CEO Hashem Zaini to answer as he started the business 6 years ago with 2018 now beings its strongest

A good starting point is to firstly decide the type of business you want to have. Such as a free lancing, picking up new projects from time to time and working solely. Or maybe you favour a more medium size business where you might be involved in the sales side and hire free lancers or outsource some of the project work. The last option being a larger enterprise business where individuals would be required to carry out a range of different roles from HR to design and project management. This option means you can choose the role you want and love such as editing as your employees can fulfil the other jobs.

Hashem started Zaini Media carrying out most of the tasks himself from videography, project management and sales with the plan to hire employees at the right time which were highly skilled in one of these areas. This meant that projects were delivered to the highest standards by having absolute expertise in each area. The sales roles were the first that Hashem hired so that the increase in revenue allowed the business grow before taking on the highly skilled professionals.

In 2018 Hashem is now managing strategy and creative – being the head creative director at the video firm – handing over projects to the now team of 11.

Here are Hashem’s top 3 tips to survive in the early days of set-up

1. Have the video technical capabilities and understanding whether that is from yourself or you have the ability to hire people who do.

2. Have a strong understanding in sales and proposing projects to prospects and clients. This involves establishing and building relationships, networking with the ability to connect with your target customers. Such as finding and connecting with multiple types of businesses if you are aiming to deliver corporate videos.

3. Analysis is one of the most important components where you plan your resources and strategy to reach the correct prospects. You must understand what has worked well for you, your employees and what has not so that you can improve. For instance, if video creation is not your strong point – hire a really savvy videographer and become potential business partners. You may take lower fees yourself but the ball will start rolling which is effective longer term.

In general it is quite hard to find exceptional, good and strong video agencies so having the best resources is extremely vital to growing your agency and becoming a successful firm – beating the competition.

Now moving onto the creative aspect. We see many agencies and businesses turn into mass production houses for films and video which means one thing. High client turnover, low retention and non-existing lasting relationships. This type of business growth usually means the most important creative aspect is lost which is the one of the most valuable parts of your business.
Essentially your network and clients will always come back for more if the outcome is unique and one of a kind which does not happen when you are mass producing. Creating this level of high calibre work allows you and your team to grow your creative skills and always keep improving the exceptional work you are delivering.

Your company values and beliefs should be what drives you through each project and process. Not getting caught up is large revenue generators when you have the opportunity for your creativity to flourish with a project full of inspirational opportunities.

Don’t forget why you are doing this

Zaini Media launches the official Dubai Font Animation Video

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Zaini Media had the honour to work with Y & R agency to produce the official animated video to showcase the first city being Dubai to launch its very own font.

As an award winning video and animation agency, we worked with Dubai’s crown prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to support the launch of their very own Microsoft font through a spectacular animation video.

We have now been established in the region for 11 years and were chosen to strategise and deliver the work, being part of the One Book Project. The collaboration also involved working closely with the talented composer Don Fuego, the former VP of legendary Los-Angeles based label Def Jam.

We have seen out of this world results so far, having received over 50 million impressions worldwide in a matter of weeks and this is expected to keep increasing. Being part of a worldwide talking point is a great feeling after all the effort and hard work the team put into this successful collaboration. We have seen the video posted by Dubai’s Prince Hamdan where he explained that the font was for self-expression meaning strength and freedom. The official hashtag trend he started was #ExpressYou which has gone viral since the post was published on Social Media channels. The font will now been adopted and used in all official correspondence in government institutions worldwide.

Hashem Zaini, founder and CEO of Zaini Media, spoke to the press about this piece of work “This is the actual reward and the absolute best reward of being in this business and the financial aspect is just a way to spread good vibes and creativity around the globe. The animation demonstrates our ongoing commitment to every client we service. Our team work and creative execution was very well thought out and now has been showcased worldwide which we are very proud of. International recognition and adding to our awards is the next natural step”.

View the animation 

Download the Font

The Hobbit takes us deeper into Middle Earth with its amazing website

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With the recent release  of the Hobbit sequel :The Desolation of Smaug, the makers of the the franchise has launched its very own interactive website that lets visitors  have their own little adventure.

Interactive website of the hobbit

Interactive website of the hobbit

The website opens up to different locations and characters in the film, providing a great insight into who and what lies within it as well as provide an interactive path to middle earth.

The website  experience is  completely available  for interactive viewing in tablets such as Ipad Air and Nexus.


Elrond Half- Elven

The website opens up in a parallax animation with a few accessible areas as Rivendell, Dol Guldur and Thrall shaws ending with a short mini game. There are still locked areas yet to be opened like Thranduils hall and Erebor and we are more than excited to try each one out.

View the website Here



Scarecrow protects his crop field in this excellent funny animation by Ricky Renna

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Short Animation

Short Animation

Against all odds the lovable scarecrow tries his best to scare away the sly Corvid but is it up for the task?

From Ringling College of Art and Design graduate Ricky Renna. The short animation- “THE FINAL STRAW”  was handpicked by Creativebloq as one of the best student animations of the year,.

Witty and perfectly fluid, this short feature just brings into mind  the kind of talent and detail that young artist have know and we are definitely sure that this animated short would be fun to watch.

See the whole feature in the link below:

Animated short from Le Blog de Cheeky by Ricky Renna

Great Music video/Web design mixup for Pharrell Williams new music video

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Universal Home Video, Iconoclast and We Are From LA directorial team has come up with an inventive way to make artist, Pharrell Williams music video- HAPPY, look more than a  music video.

With the inclusion of cuddly Despicable Me minions on screen, this ensemble showcases a smart and interactive web interface that lets viewer comments appear while the video rolls and viewers can play through different scenes without altering the timeline of the song.

Happy is one of the original soundtracks from the film Despicable Me

source: YouTheDesigner

Happy Music video

Happy Music video

Short film relates the story of a teenagers quest to find the truth about his girlfriend through social media

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Adweek takes us to this riveting story of  how social media can be misleading in this film that debuted in the Toronto Film festival and created by students Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg from Ryerson University.

The 17 minute short film depicts the story of Noah within the digital realm, a young teenager who has doubts about his girlfriends loyalties and  dreads an end to their relationship.  It documents  his whole process through a unique perspective through computers and smartphone screens as he looks for clues for his girlfriends intentions in Social Media channels



17 minute short film entry to the Toronto Film Festival

17 minute short film entry to the Toronto Film Festival

Watch the film on the highlighted word

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