We Make Little Videos that Get Big Results

By using the power of video marketing, We’ve generated substantial traffic to our clients websites

The Process..

Ok.. So you’ve now scanned the web for a company that does good work, in a region where mediocrity is the mainstream.

You’ve stumbled across us..

A relatively young agency, with a talented team, that does work that’s often described as different.. we don’t like to brag, but that’s the least of the many things that our clients say about us.

The next thing you’ll probably do is shoot off an email to info@zainimedia.com with your requirements; you’ve probably read a couple of articles on the web such as “5 ways to choose a video production company” or “how to make a video with your iphone and still make it go viral”. But beware: both those topics are bogus topics, which will only further confuse you.

We’ll then meet. Either at yours or ours.. But preferably at yours as we like to breath in your style, culture and overall environment at the earliest stages of the engagement. If we like each other, and our minds connect, we’ll write a small synopsis of how to tackle the brief.

Once the concept(s) are approved, we can kick off production. On average a well produced factory graded film will take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to deliver depending on the complexity of your project. This also depends on how fast you get back to us with your approvals and comments.

What happens Next?

Well it depends.. How far do you want to take it? If your film goes viral, or you end up winning that pitch, you could always come back for more 🙂 or we could figure out a long term frame work if your project requires a retainer contract (this usually works for long terms project like a web series).

Who makes the Films?

Good question, Hashem Zaini, The founder of the company personally quality controls everything that comes out of this shop. From the script to that small chocolate stain that shouldn’t of been on that actors tooth, Hashem also directs most of the live action films that get produced by the studio. That’s why we’re very selective about which projects we work on, as we can only do so many a year without loosing the quality that we aspire to achieve.

Our Values – For applicants

Life is too short for mediocrity

Being Humble is an underestimated strength

Technique & Personality, Yin & Yang

Films have to be disruptive, otherwise they loose their purpose

You must know the industry you are promoting, technique on its own wont cut it. READ

Agree with the above? send your CV to info@zainimedia.com